Yarbo GY-8003F phono kabel. 1M


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Yarbo GY-8003F phono kabel. 1M

kabel leveres i en flott metallkasse!

Silver plated signal cable

Wire composition: high-purity large crystal oxygen-free copper + silver + double shielded / double-core surround structure

Equipped with imported precision, superconducting and new 24K gold RCA with unique stylus terminal with enhanced signal floating point, more close contact to conduct conduction and reduce the loss of signal transmission, the signal transmission characteristics are better . All solder joints are silver solder with WBT German professional welding, quality assurance. Counterfeit RCA terminal head is also similar to a small garden, the internal solder joints are not full bright norms, and the rough process, the plating effect is poor, the two ends of Y-line sets of printing easy to erase, the use of inferior copper wire, signal transmission Great loss.

Now on the market found this old model of counterfeit products. Fans in the purchase, please note that if there is no genuine logo and packaging seals, please do not buy or require replacement.

To combat the counterfeit and imitation of the Ya-Fort wire and terminals, Ya Bao full range of original products, has been fully used green genuine logo and packaging seals, enthusiasts can be used at the time of the purchase of telephone, SMS and Internet access three Self-examination of the authenticity of the way , At the same time also need to pay attention to the original color printing seal intact to ensure that genuine licensed, was the quality assurance and after-sales service Abacus.