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YARBO GY-3000A High End høyttaler kabel. ( sett på 3,0m )

High end kabel !

kabelsettet leveres i en flott metallkasse!

GY-3000A speaker cable

Wire composition: high-purity large crystal oxygen-free soft copper + special filament winding layer + screen + special stranded structure.

Special conductor winding, stranded structure — can effectively enhance the sense of the level of audio signals, so that high, medium and low bass all without distortion, details to achieve a higher level.

The two ends are respectively equipped with imported imported 24K gold superconducting banana plugs, and the imported wire ends are imported with heavyweight copper wire sleeves, which can effectively reduce the negative impact caused by the acoustic resonance and cause the instability of audio transmission.

All welding points are imported with the German silver-tin WBT professional welding, quality assurance.