YARBO FP-109CS High End høyttaler kabel. 2.5m


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YARBO FP-109CS High End høyttaler kabel. ( sett på 2,5m )

High end kabel !

kabelsettet leveres i en flott metallkasse!

FP-109CS selection of flat silver-plated copper core core with airtight transparent hose package, and then twisted into a regular 8-character shape, the eight-core twisted into the cable process is very high, not the general factory can be manufactured. This line is not only silver shiny, the twist of the lines are more streamer flashing beauty, the line at both ends of the mouth of the place with silver metal sets look very coordinated extravagance, and in the head assembly YARBO ( Accor) top rhodium-plated whole forming banana plug to ensure that the effect is truly match!

This speaker cable has ultra-low impedance, ultra-low inductance and ultra-low capacitance characteristics. Line by 14mm, but very soft. Although the structure of the FP-109CS seems simple, one can see through the internal and external structure, but the design of such a snake’s silver-plated silver square wire, and twisted way to make a great mystery, and the actual listening effect Convincing

This line has a very excellent sound balance, the thickness is very moderate, the music melody smooth natural, high frequency to the extreme, the sound field is very open, musical instruments are also rich sound, sound naturally have a better degree of truth, especially Is the live performance of the recording, immersive feel more intense; and FP-109CS low-frequency stretch is excellent applause, excellent analysis, from high to low range smooth and smooth, pure sound, not only able to The music information clearly clear the fax, not the slightest blurred, even the usual and inconspicuous details also revealed very clear and natural; this line by the headphones to listen to the details of the instrument will be more clear, light percussion sound more obvious, more crystal The YARBO / FP-109CS is a rare Hi-End value line that can truly reproduce the wonderful movement in the market.